WiFi module ESP8266 esp-12f. DIY door opening sensor

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Initially, I wanted to make a sensor for opening the front door to the apartment with minimal time and money. In this article, I will describe several versions of the sensor and applied circuitry and software methods in order to make the device better. The idea and implementation were spied on Pinterest. Pros: Hardware, it

Bluetooth headset Airersi K10 mimicking Plantronics

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When turned on the headset announces in a female voice that the power is on (in English). Each connection is accompanied by a voice message in English. something cheaper and even more accurate copying Voyager (controls), but I bought the description and good reviews. Total: View of the headset without the ear pad and with

High current batteries “HG2” (18650) from JOUYM

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I took accurate scales and measured each element, readings correspond to the declared There is a marking, but I think it is not very informative, because you can write any numbers, no one will check Model: HG2 I decided to reanimate a couple of batteries of an old screwdriver in the spring, at first I

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